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Holly Press Fibers

Greenglass House Inspired SOCK SET

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Greenglass House 

This colorway is inspired by the stained-glass window on the second floor of the Greenglass House (a book by author Kate Milford).  This is considered a middle-grades book but a super fun read especially for anyone who loves cozy and delightful adventure, a tangle of mystery, and a nod to role-playing games like DND or Pathfinder.

"Their guest wandered down the hall, peering into each room as he passed. He paused at the end where the door to the old dumbwaiter was, then turned back to Milo and his father. Except Milo had the impression that Mr. Vinge wasn’t exactly looking at them, but past them. Milo turned and saw only the stained-glass window and the snowy night beyond, tinged in shades of pale, pale greens: celery and celadon and tones like old bottle glass. “This one will be fine,” Mr. Vinge said after a moment, nodding at the room to his left. “Sounds good.” Mr. Pine set the blue suitcase just inside the door. “Want us to send up a hot drink?” "

Available as Sock Sets on fingering weight and DK weight.

Yarn Base Options:

fingering weight, 4-ply
Fiber Content: 75% Merino wool - superwash/25% nylon
Yardage: 460 yd/100 g  PLUS: 92 yd/20 g mini

LAMBkins DK base
DK weight, 4-ply
Fiber Content: 75% Merino wool - superwash / 25% Nylon
Yardage: 245 yd/100 g  PLUS: 49 yd/20 g mini

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Greenglass House Inspired SOCK SET
Greenglass House Inspired SOCK SET
Greenglass House Inspired SOCK SET